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‘I saw his boots were taken off’ – Nigel Gaisie discloses 2023 prophecy about IGP



Dampare Gaisie Cool

The founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie revealed a prophecy with regards the leadership of the Ghana Police Service as part of his disclosures during the 2022 Watchnight service.

Nigel Gaisie, who had days prior revealed in a radio interview that he had a prophecy bordering on the Inspector-General of Police stated that there will be a new police chief in the year 2023.

Without elaborating on why and how the change will take place, he stressed that it was what he had seen in the spiritual realm and that only prayers could change that course of events.

“The Lord took my spirit to the Republic of Yempɛ Nokware and I saw that there was a change of an IGP. I saw it in the realm of the spirit. I saw that the IGP, his boot was taken off, I saw it…

“I dreamt, I saw it and it will come to pass, if they don’t pray about it. It will come to pass…,” he emphasized.

Gaisie is one of a few clergymen who publicly rejected an order from police to desist from issuing prophecies that had the tendency of inducing fear and panic. In their defense, they hold that prophecies are not the words of the messengers but of God.

He led a watchnight service that took place at the premises of the church in Accra with other congregants following on social media platforms.

His prophecies were centered on a cryptic country called Republic of Yempɛ Nokware, which had similarities to Ghana.

I have a prophecy on IGP Dampare

In an interview on Power FM, Gaisie reiterated that prophets are the mouthpieces of God and that any attempt to gag them is akin to putting a check on God which is not possible.

He disclosed that God had so far given him 47 prophecies to communicate to Ghanaians on 31st December watch night.

“We are not scared of the prophecies because we speak the mind of God not humans. Already God has revealed 47 things to me and there could be more. Before midnight Saturday, we could get more.

“God has revealed a lot of things to me and I’m not alone. Other prophets have also received prophecies. We are ready to speak the minds of God so Ghana Police should avert their minds to the serious issues in the country and leave the prophets and church to do the work of God.

“If the spirit of God is in you, you say it as it is, you don’t get scared. There will be prophecies on Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, England. We have prophecies on the IGP. Prophecy number 14 is about the IGP. I’ve seen something about him so I will say it. I’m surprised he is acting that way because he is Pentecostal,” he said.



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