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I regret leaving behind my GH¢2500 job for France, I sometimes cry – France-based Ghanaian

Frederick Adu Amankwah and host

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Frederick pointed out that his decision makes him cry sometimes. According to Adu, he was comfortable with his job in Ghana until his sister sponsored his trip to France.

Mister Amankwah mentioned that he visited the Ghana embassy in France for documents to process his trip back home, but they persuaded him to stay.

“I told my sister that if I knew I would be stranded because of documents, I would not have come here. In Ghana, my white employers begged me to work, and I received transport allowances too.

“I had to find a job to pay rent, but it was not a job I liked. My sister had to send me money for food. It’s not easy; I cry sometimes,” he told DJ Nyaami.

According to Frederick, he has been living in France for six years, but he is unhappy. He added that he asked his sister for help, but she “told me that if I passed through Libya, I wouldn’t ask her for that help.”

Moreover, the father of two mentioned that his current work pays 500 euros, but he only gets half of the salary.

“I’m proud to say that I want to go to Ghana. I visited the Ghana embassy here for documents to come back, but they said some are crossing the sea, and I want to go back. They persuaded me to stay,” he added.


Source: SVTV Africa

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