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I paid half of my bride price, settled my husband after divorce – Socialite



The dancer made the revelation in a viral video on social media while responding to some netizens who accused her of marrying Justin for his money.

This comes days after Korra bought and flaunted her new house.

Expressing unfavourable opinions about her divorce in her comment section, some social media users alleged that Korra got a divorce and lived the American life she had always desired after earning enough money from Justin.

Responding to the comments while addressing misunderstandings concerning her marriage during a Facebook live session, the dancer said she settled the father of her children with $50,000.

She said: “I met Justin in China where our love affair started. I paid half of my bride price during the marriage ceremony.

“I paid that man $50,000. He did not give me one dime. I had to settle him after divorce. I paid $50,000 to the person who took my child away from my arms. One week postpartum, I had to pay to see my children in America. I was at my most vulnerable time. Who would have thought the person I was sleeping with, who was my husband, would strike me at my most vulnerable time?

“Nobody gives me child’s support. And I needed to clear this out today because I have been seeing some nonsense news circulating. I have never and will never lose custody of my children, so help me God. This is also to some of you who think Justin took me out of poverty. Is that what he is making you guys believe? Do you realize that I paid half of my own bride price? I was never poor. We met in Shanghai, China. We both found our way there separately,” she stated.

“I have toured basically almost every country in Africa and most countries in the Middle East before I met him,” she added.

Korra also pleaded with the media to stop talking about her divorce, saying “it’s been over a year.”

“The other day I was hearing that I had taken all his money. Can we just leave the divorce in the past please?” she added.

The couple’s marriage crashed in March 2022.



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