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‘I have our sex tapes, she records herself’ – MC Ug Future gives insight on his affair with Moyo Lawal



The aspiring actor revealed on his Facebook page that he had been seeing the actress for two years, from 2020 to 2021, following the release of the actress’ leaked sex tape.

He asserts that despite his reputation for not betraying people, Moyo enjoys private video sex and other odd practices.

He continued by saying that despite having their sex tapes and having been injured by her numerous times, he is unable to harm both of them.

He wrote; “I was not raised to betray people, I dated Moyo Lawal for 2 years 2020 – 2021. She loves private video sex & a lot of crázy things.
I have all our sex tapes, all these while but I can’t hurt my colleague and myself. Thought she hurt me many times”.



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