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‘I have no iota of love for him left in me’ – ‘Wife’ of Ahafo Mim suicide shoemaker



His lifeless body was found hanging from a ceiling fan with a sponge . Days after his demise, a WhatsApp voice note he left behind surfaced, where he accused his supposed wife and mother of his daughter of abandoning him for a wealthier lover.

However, in an interview with Welcome to Ahafo, Amina vehemently denied the claims of infidelity and betrayal.

According to Amina, she entered a relationship with Kwame Peter seven years ago, which resulted in a pregnancy. While her father agreed to let her stay with Peter until she gave birth, he requested that Peter fulfills the necessary marital rites after she had delivered.

Unfortunately, Peter showed a lack of commitment in performing the marriage rites, four years after she delivered a girl leading Amina to move back to her father’s house.

Amina asserted that she was the victim of Peter’s insecurities, facing numerous accusations of cheating and even threats of suicide.

Amina expressed sadness upon learning of her late partner’s death but stated that she no longer harbored any love for him after hearing the allegations made in the voice recording.

“A man who has caused me such pain. I have no iota of love for him left in me. He has hurt my soul and disgraced me in this town. The day I heard he had passed away, I wept bitterly because we had been together for a long time, and he is the father of my child. However, I didn’t know he had planned to disgrace me in this way. If I had known, I wouldn’t have shed a tear for him,” she expressed.

Amina revealed that Peter had threatened suicide on three previous occasions during their time together. She emphasized that she had always cared for him, ensuring his well-being and trying to meet his desires. Amina mentioned that loyalty was essential to her, and she made efforts to understand his preferences, but Peter consistently returned with baseless accusations of infidelity, fueled by hearsay from friends and relatives.

This fourth suicide attempt tragically resulted in his death.

“In this life, matters of the heart are difficult to talk about but when you love someone you try as much to fulfill their heart desires. I value loyalty so once I am with you, I try to know your likes and dislikes so that you can stick with me. But for him, he always came back with accusations of me sleeping with someone all borne out of hearsay from friends and relatives… This is fourth suicide attempt which has finally resulted in his death. I didn’t do him any wrong, I am a carer and I made sure I cared for him and never stressed him,” Amina said.

In his voice recording, Peter accused Amina of abandoning him for a wealthy man, with the support of her family, despite his financial contributions to her and their family.

However, Amina strongly denied the allegations, and her father and mother also refuted his claims of providing for their daughter and family.

Watch interviews of Amina, her father and mother below:



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