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‘I didn’t know Zionfelix was senseless until I experienced it myself’ – Sally Mann



According to Sally Mann, the popular blogger only published excerpts of their interview and edited out some parts to suit his agenda.

Sally’s outburst at McBrown during her interview with Zionfelix, has since been widely condemned by a section of the public.

Sally Mann was captured throwing rants at McBrown while describing her as a hypocrite and also shaming her for giving birth through an IVF procedure among others.

But responding to how events have unfolded ever since portions of the interview went viral, Sally Mann, during a conversation with Power FM berated Zionfelix.

“Ho! Zionfelix? He doesn’t have sense. He is senseless. For a while now, people have been saying he doesn’t have sense but I didn’t believe until it happened to me recently. We had an entire conversation and you cut and paste to suit your agenda; you are very stupid. The interview I granted was positive so he should play the entire interview. If he is not stupid, he should play the whole interview,” she fumed.

Asked why she launched attacks at McBrown after being asked a question pertaining to her supposed bareness, Sally averred, “I was asked a stupid question so I gave a stupid answer.”

Sally Mann attacked over comments on Nana Ama McBrown

Earlier in a viral video, Sally Mann was captured ‘slandering’ McBrown, a situation which did not sit well with majority of Ghanaians.

The controversial entertainment pundit’s comments were in response to why she appears to be constantly attacking McBrown.

“I think most of the things she does are hypocritical. Most of the things that she does, and I’ll leave it at that. Zion, when I said something about you some time ago, you came out to speak about it and I liked that. When I talk about some people, they will never express their opinion about it. They will act like they are cool even when they see you and that’s hypocritical.

“Nana Ama is one of such people. She is a hypocrite. I met her after my earlier comments about her. I met her somewhere and she said she doesn’t have any problem with me and I told her that’s exactly what I don’t like about her. Whatever I said, she should have an opinion about it,” some of her statements during an interview with Zionfelix read.



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