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How Yvonne Nelson stripped naked and cried to God ‘spiritual war’



The actress, in a bid to tackle her numerous bitter encounters, particularly when she almost lost her sight after being offered a very important movie role, decided to vent to God.

Yvonne, who admitted to not being a fan of spiritual matters, decided to seek the face of God, stark naked with tears.

“The obstacles came in different forms—physical and spiritual. The first notable spiritual attack happened when I was shooting Material A lady who worked with Abdul Salam reminded me that it was the first movie I was leading, without any other big-name or established actors. She said if the movie didn’t go well, the producer would not cast me again. I don’t know why she said that, but I took it as a cautionary piece of advice that should spur me on to put in my level best. I was determined to do that, but the obstacles were beyond my control. When we started shooting, I had a problem with my eye. It reddened and was painful. When I visited the hospital, the doctor said it was a bacterial infection or something to that effect. I was given medication, but it only got worse.

“Part of the reason I wore sunglasses in that movie was to conceal the reddened eye. I could mask the pain with smiles and act as though everything was normal, but the cameras could not do anything about a defective eye of the lead actor. When it worsened and we could not continue to shoot, especially with some indoor scenes, we had to put the production on hold until I healed. If there was any change in my condition as we waited, it was only getting worse. It both frustrated and scared me. I could feel the tension around me when I was offered that challenge at a very young age in my acting career. It made me feel there could be something more to my condition than just a physical irritation of that part of my body.I locked myself up in the room for a whole day, stripped naked, lay on the floor and prayed and cried to God. I wasn’t someone who could be described as very spiritual, but I had seen the hand of God in my life many times and knew He could intervene in this crucial stage of life He had placed me,” she disclosed.

Miraculously, Yvonne disclosed that her approach worked, adding that the eye defect had cleared the following day.

Interestingly, she stated that this particular movie was a huge success and it paved the way for more opportunities.

“It was a crazy act of faith, but it worked. The following day, my eye cleared. And two days later, I was on set. Material Girl was a huge success, and it did not erase my favour in the eyes of Abdul Salam and other producers as the woman had warned. It opened more opportunities that came with their own hostilities,” she added.




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