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How two fingers of banana, TV remote led to a breakup between Yvonne Nelson and ‘Mr Romantic’



Her “preoccupation was how not to ruin his night”, hence her decision to nod as an affirmation when he asked, “Will you marry me?”

The romantic occasion by the man who “checked all the boxes of a decent and modern-day gentleman, the kind of man every sane woman would gravitate toward when she thinks of settling down” did not lead to marriage because Yvonne Nelson was not into him and while she pondered over how to handle the issue, “His attitude provided a parachute for me to jump out and land safely before the plane of our relationship got into complicated altitudes”, she said in her memoir ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’.

In her narrative, as sighted by GhanaWeb, the man (name undisclosed) consistently insisted on dining out, and whenever he left for work, he expected her to resist the tempting calls of hunger until his return.

She wrote: “I remember he once left two fingers of banana as what I should eat so that we go out after about 3 p.m. when he returned. This was not the treatment someone like me who worshipped food would tolerate. After the proposal, while I was deciding how to execute my plan after my return to Ghana, he pushed the nuclear code too early.”

The famous actress also recounted how the man was rude to her friend who had paid her a visit. According to her, the man returned from work and displayed rudeness towards the said friend.

“Esi and I were in the house when he returned. He was rude to her, taking the television remote disapprovingly from her and changing the channel,” she stated. “When Esi failed to get his memo, he called me aside and gave what sounded like a stern instruction. He had expected Esi to leave as soon as he entered the house. His unwholesome attitude had failed to get Esi out so he wanted me to tell her to leave right away.”

Unhappy about what ensued, Yvonne said she “left with Esi and returned his ring to him through DHL.”



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