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How Stonebwoy’s manager held DJ Mensah’s neck, made a fist at Tidal Rave 2023



He expressed bewilderment at Chief Stylz’s reaction, saying it escalated to the point where Chief Stylz physically confronted him, grabbing his neck and making a fist.

“I was called to set up because we were going right after Stonebwoy… I was there for about ten to fifteen minutes and I saw Minor talk to Abiola [Chief Stylz] that they have kept long on stage,” said DJ Mensah.

“Abiola is like a brother so I went to him and said they have actually taken so long. Whatever reason that got him angry, I would like him to say it on the phone because I don’t like the fact that he is trying to hold back.”

In his interview on Hitz FM on Tuesday monitored by GhanaWeb, DJ Mensah, who serves as Sarkodie’s official DJ, stated that the event organizers had requested him to set up because his artiste was scheduled to perform next. Therefore, he asserted that the accusation of him invading the stage was unfounded.

Furthermore, DJ Mensah emphasized that he neither obstructed Stonebwoy’s performance nor made any remarks that could provoke a reaction like Chief Stylz’s.

“What I remember is that he [Chief Stylz] had his one hand to my neck and made a fish with the other hand,” said DJ Mensah. “Whether he was going to punch me, I don’t know. All I was waiting for was for him to throw that punch because I still had my laptop in my hand… That was when the organizers came back there and were holding him.”

He explained that Sarkodie’s manager AngelTown, came on stage after he had been informed about the altercation.

“One of my guys went to tell Angelo that this was what was happening on stage and that was when he walked on stage,” he said as he demanded explanations from Chief Stylz for his actions. “I’d want you to ask Abiola what I said that was so back that he had to hold my neck and a fist on the other hand.”

“All I said was, ‘You’ve really kept long on stage. Ei’”.

Contrarily, Chief Stylz claimed that DJ Mensah was “cussing” but stopped short of providing specific details about Mensah’s words. Rather, Chief Stylz mentioned, “You know very well what you were saying,” and added that he preferred not to repeat those words.

Mensah replied, “Am I so terrible that I’d just get on stage and start cussing you out?” Chief Stylz countered, “You know you said more than that because simply mentioning that we’ve been on stage for long wouldn’t provoke the reaction I had.”

Chief Stylz maintained that “What they did to my artiste is very disrespectful”, stressing that nobody had the right to put pressure on them to wrap up except organisers of the show.

Meanwhile, Chief Stylz said he could not tell who put the microphone off during Stonebwoy’s performance. He, however, rejected suggestions that it could be a technical challenge.

“No, it could have been a technical challenge,” Chief said. “Somebody intentionally switched off the microphone. I can tell you for a fact that somebody intentionally put off the microphone.”

The two refused to apologise to each other despite a suggestion by the host of the show, Andy Dosty.

The 2023 edition of Tida Rave was held on Saturday, November 4, at the La Palm Royal Beach.



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