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How Princess Ezeani made mirqcle recovery from first degree burns



“Di way I go describe dis whole thing wey happun to me, dis tin na miracle from above.”

Na so Princess Ezeani describe her experience afta she survive cooking gas explosion for dia house for Abuja.

Princess wey dey 20-years and get dreams to go into modelling bin suffer first degree burns from domestic incident wey happun for November, 2021.

On di day wey di accident happun, she bin enta kitchen to make food for her family not knowing say her mama wey bin dey di kitchen too dey cook rice. Princess come say make she help her mama cook fish wey dem go use eat di rice not knowing say her mama bin don mistakenly leave di oven part of di gas on. As Princess try to light di oven, di tin explode for her face wey come land her for hospital.

“Dat time wey di tin happun for four nights I bin no fit sleep because I dey always get nightmares say di fire still dey burn me,” na so Princess wey come from Enugu State for southeast Nigeria tell BBC Pidgin.

“My mental health bin dey like one out of ten becos evri day I go just dey room dey cry, dey tell myself say na like dis I go dey forever? I go dey really sad and depressed.”

Road to recovery

Di domestic accident make Princess wey bin dey University to stop school.

Her mama come encourage her say make she dey strong as di burns no be something wey go disfigure her for life.

Na dia di healing process for Princess come start as her mama togeda wit her aunt begin use tins like honey, geevee and Aloe Vera to apply on her skin. Surprisingly, di process according to Princess, no see dem go hospital as di burns begin clear under six months wey dem continue to apply di substances.

‘Na me know di kain pain wey I don go through’

On 2 May 2022, Princess make post of her recovery from wen di incident happun six months ago.

Di Twitter post wey she make draw plenty of reactions as many bin no believe say di “tin dey real” as some pipo tok.

Many begin doubt if di incident really happun as dem believe say she do make-up for her face, comments wey surprise Princess.

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