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How Nigerian singer ”Fave” dated a choirmaster at age ten



Nigerian artist Chidozie Ugochinyere, better known as FaveSzn, has disclosed that she had an affair with her choirmaster when she was 10 years old.

During an interview with actors Susan Pwajok and Genoveva Umeh, the singer revealed that the choir was a children’s group, with the choirmaster being in the same age range.

She said: “He was the choirmaster. It was the children’s choir, so we were all kind of like kids. We would do this midnight thing where he would call, and it was just cute.”

She went on to say that she wasn’t sure about her sexual orientation.

Fave added: “My sexuality is in question; I am curious. Shouldn’t we all be curious? If you are not, then it is a problem.”

Fave entered the music industry in 2019. In January 2022, she released Riddim 5, her debut EP record. In addition, the singer has cooperated with well-known musicians in Nigeria and published other songs. She co-owns the record company Tumblar, where she is now signed.

According to Fave, she developed an interest in music when she was six years old. She composed music and gave performances at several school functions. Nonetheless, she launched her professional music career in 2019 with the release of M.O.M.M.S. (Me or Mask My Sins), her debut single. Her first big break came when she did a freestyle performance on a beat made by Jinmi Abduls. In April 2020, Fave officially debuted with the song N.B.U. (Nobody But U).



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