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How MP for Obuasi and his girlfriend disrespected Kwaku Manu at USA



Popular Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu, has recounted an instance where the MP for his area, once disrespected him in the presence of his (MP’s) girlfriend.

According to the actor, this incident took place when they met at an event.

Giving a vivid picture of what ensued, Kwaku Manu said the MP disrespectfully called him and took him all the way to greet the ‘girl in question’ who was sitting in the VIP section of the venue.

Kwaku Manu said the MP‘s girlfriend was asked if she knows him and she responded by nodding her head and looking away.

The actor said the MP then ignored what happened and rather discarded him in a disrespectful way.

“The other day, I saw the Obuasi MP in the company of his girlfriend. What he did to me in the presence of his girlfriend really pained me. He called me, hey bra, then held my hands and took me to the girl at the other side of the venue, at the VIP section. He asked the girl whether she knows me and the disrespectful girl also nodded her head. He then asked me to go and that he only brought me here to greet his girlfriend. I was really upset that day,” he stated on UTV’s United Showbiz hosted by MzGee.

Kwaku Manu, however, bemoaned how leaders channel resources into unnecessary things and fail to address issues of national interest.

In that regard, he called out the said MP for ignoring the poor living conditions in Obuasi, Ghana’s number one gold manufacturing town.

“In Obuasi, someone can sweep dust and find gold in it. Gold can be found in gutters and yet we are one of the most undeveloped, nastiest towns in Ghana. Our roads are bad even though It’s just one-way. We have the worst roads, worst schools, and hospitals. We don’t have land for farms anymore, we don’t have clean water due to mining. Why are our leaders wicked like that? No good drinking water and some mining chemicals have damaged people’s skin in the area. Meanwhile, we have MPs,” he added.

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