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How meeting a young woman from Ghana’s foreign affairs ministry made German Amb. feel old



Speaking with Doreen Abanema Abayaa on GhanaWeb Special, the ambassador mentioned that when he first came to Ghana, he had to adhere to protocol by presenting his letter of accreditation to the president.

According to him, he was picked up by a car from the foreign affairs ministry, as is customary, and was accompanied by a capable and smart young colleague from Ghana’s Foreign Ministry.

“In Ghana, when I came here, I was asked to present my letter of accreditation to the president; it is protocol and routine, and you are picked up by a car from the Foreign Ministry.

“A very competent and smart young colleague from the Foreign Ministry of Ghana accompanied me to the Jubilee House,” he said.

He stated that as they made their way to the Jubilee House, the young woman struck up a conversation with him.

The Ambassador disclosed that the young woman was curious about how long he had served as a diplomat, and he responded that he joined in 1992.

In a light-hearted exchange, the young lady smiled and commented on his response.

She humorously mentioned that she wasn’t even born in 1992, and this interaction led him to realize the passage of time and the fact that he was growing older.

“On my way, she asked when I entered the Foreign Service, and I said in 1992. She smiled and I asked, ‘Well, why are you smiling’ and she said, ‘I wasn’t even born,’ and at that point, I realized, ‘Oh, I’m getting old,” he shared.

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