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How former policeman rape women for almost 20 years



Serial rapist and former police officer David Carrick don chop 36 life sentences and e go spend more dan 30 years for prison ova crimes im do for almost 20 years.

Di detective wey do di investigation tell BBC how im team of officers bring Carrik to justice afta police bin fail before.

Det Chief Insp Iain Moore describe Carrick first police interview say, “e behave charming, engaging and a bit I don’t care about everytin”.

DCI Moore bin lead di investigating team for di Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire major crime unit.

But e say di serial rapist controlling side show sharparly from di start.

“E bin wan control how di interview dey go. E bin wan take charge wen di difficult questions comot, na wen e come dey hard am”.

Carrick na officer for di Metropolitan Police dem bin first interview am for October 2021 afta police for Hertfordshire bin arrest am afta one woman wey meet am for dating website accuse am of rape.

Di woman tok say for dia first meeting di year before, e give am plenti alcohol come attack am for hotel room.

Once dem finally charge Carrick wey bin dey live for Stevenage, DCI Moor reason say more go dey out dia, e dey right.

E say di investigation start to increase. Dem tok Carrick name for media afta im first show for court and calls start to enta from oda women wey im don rape and abuse ova di years.

DCI Moore remember say, “I just siddon for chair dey tink am ‘wia we wan go from here’, e plenti ehn! E shock me die and vex me die, I don dey do dis detective work for long and I neva see anytin wey don reach dis level bifor.

“Di women obviously bin dey extremely distressed but dem bin dey ginger to know say dem go dey trusted and supported. Sake of say di first pesin bin come and dem place charges, dem come believe say dem fit trust di system”.

Women wey dey stay different areas, from differnet ages wit tori wey old reach 17 years come tok dia own. But similarities dey for all dia tori about how Carrick control, attack and abuse dem.

How police bin fail for dis mata before

Plenti times bin dey for di past to stop Carrick wey dem miss for im 20 years as police officer.

E comot how Met and three oda forces hear wetin Carrick dey do nine times ova di years, but di reports and investigate no lead to charges.

Di Met don tok sorry say dem no chook eye for im pattern of abuse, say e don prolong di suffering of di victims.

DCI Moore tok now say “e be monster. At first, e dey charming na wetin e use get dem to tok to am. Ova time im controlling side come out”.

Di women tok how Carrick go use im work take stop dem to report am. DCI Moore say, “dem receive constant reminders say e be police officer. Dem be pictures, comments, sometimes, text message.”

Plenti officers join di investigations but one of di tins wey hard pass na to gada evidence of crimes wey go back years.

DCI Moore say, “normally for investigation, now you fit get forensic evidence, CCTV, mobile phon evidence but wen you dey deal wit sometin wey don tay, you no get am. You hear tori from di victims, possible witnesses and some of di women bin get phone messages from Carrick”.

More victims dey come out

Since di full tori of David Carrick crimes comot for public, more women don dey tok to police.

DCI Moore say “I hate di fact say Carrick wia di same uniform as me”.

E dey tell oda victims to come report oda crimes say, “I hope we don show say, we fit dey trusted to carry dia evidence and carry am go front as case.”

“Support within di police dey as well as independent sexual violence advisers wey fit support victims. I go urge pipo make dem trust us”.

E add say, “e sure me die sat David Carrick don commit more wey we no know yet”.



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