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How ‘dirty cop’ Reindorf Gyimah reacted after allegedly ‘killing’

Two policemen killed

How Lance Corporal Nyame fell from Best Recruit to ‘deadly criminal’

Police carry out intelligence-led field raid in connection with bullion van attacks

In our cultural setting, they say never speak ill of the dead and over the years that has always been the case even when the said deceased was known to have done some terrible things while alive. But same cannot be said of Constable Reindorf Gyimah Ansah, a man who until his death was a member of the Ghana Police Service.

If you type his name into the search engine of social media site Facebook, what you will see is a plethora of people expressing shock that the man in uniform was arrested and under investigation for his role in a heist that led to the death of a colleague policeman by name Constable Emmanuel Osei.

According to the Ghana Police, Constable Emmanuel Osei who was shot in the head in James Town, an Accra neighbourhood a few months ago in the Bullion Van robbery incident was killed by a police officer with the SWAT team. And it is now becoming clear that Constable Osei was killed by not just colleague policemen but people he knew personally and called friends (Constable Reindorf Gyimah Ansah and Lance Corporal Stephan Kwaku Nyame).

Even more shocking is how Constable Reindorf Gyimah mourned his friend Constable Emmanuel Osei on Facebook when he played an active role in his death.

That revelation has led to netizens advising the youth on who to admit in their circle of friends.


The Ghana Police Service has said that it will get to the bottom of its investigations into the attacks on bullion vans in the Greater Accra region in very recent months, assuring the general of its resolve to bring all perpetrators involved to book.

That’s a reassurance many Ghanaians have held on to high because of the constant updates and progress reports that the IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare-led force have been providing it with but at the same time, many questions have arisen especially on the most recent updates.

On March 8, 2022, the police announced that two of its men were among the suspects involved in these attacks.

The police further stated that two were killed during an exchange of fire with them at Ashaiman in Accra.

In a statement, the police indicated that they were carrying out an intelligence-led field raid at a hideout of the gang connected with the investigation into the bullion van robberies when the incident occurred.

The two policemen, identified as Constable Reindolph Gyimah Ansah and Lance Corporal Stephan Kwaku Nyame, were pronounced dead on arrival at the Police Hospital, it added.

GhanaWeb earlier published a detailed story on Lance Corporal Stephen, chronicling how he moved from once being a beacon of hope, to dying a ‘disgraceful’ death. Read it below:

How Cpl Nyame fell from Best Recruit to ‘deadly criminal’

On social media, many users have been pulling up posts made by the other police, Constable Reindolph Gyimah Ansah, and how he portrayed himself online.

Also, videos have emerged of him during the funeral of the late Lance Corporal Emmanuel Osei – his colleague police officer who was killed in one of the bullion van attacks at Jamestown.

Here is a lineup of some of those posts he made prior to that dastardly bullion van attack in July 2021, as well as videos showing him leading a ‘jama’ session in honour of the late L/Cpl Osei:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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