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How dare you? I will handcuff you – Police threatens popular contractor Kofi Job in viral video



Mr. Kofi Job, in the trending video is captured arguing with a police officer who was part of a patrol team that had impounded a heavy-duty machine enroute to his company’s construction site.

In the heated exchange, a member of the police team noted that they impounded the excavator, which was being driven on the road instead of being transported on a low-bed trailer truck, and they would only release it when a truck was brought to transport the machine for the remainder of the journey.

However, Kofi Job insisted that the machine be released to him.

“I am Kofi Job, I am not just any small boy… you can’t talk to me like that,” he stated.

In response to his statement, a police officer retorted, “If you can’t have patience and talk to us, sit in your car and drive away.”

While questioning the authority of the police to impound the heavy machine, Kofi Job further threatened to take back the impounded machine.

At that point, the police officer threatened him with arrest, saying, “Dare to go and sit in it and see if we won’t handcuff you. I dare you to sit in it and drive through here; we will put you in handcuffs. Clear off from your eyes, Kofi Job. You talk to the police just anyhow. How dare you?” The officer fumed at the end of the video.




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