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How Big buttocks can contribute to arthritis



A medical practitioner at the Amen Scientific Center, Dr. Okyere Sheriff has mentioned how large or big buttocks can contribute to arthritis.

Arthritis is a health condition where one’s joints (where two bones meet) are inflamed. It could either affect the elbows or the knees.

Dr. Sheriff, while speaking on UTV on Thursday, August 10, 2023, noted that owing to the weight from the buttocks, coupled with the body mass index of some individuals, there is a lot of pressure on the knees.

He further indicated that some of these complaints have been recorded in his hospital among others, by women who are big and have big buttocks.

“A lot of times, we get complaints of joint pains and arthritis by people with big buttocks at the hospital. “But most of the time, you would notice that they don’t only have big buttocks but are also very weighty and so they suffer this.

“So yes, those with very big buttocks, some of them suffer joint pains, especially in the knee area and there are many of such complaints,” he continued.

He however emphasized that persons with a lower BMI even with big buttocks will be at a lesser risk of suffering arthritis.

“Sometimes, it’s not just the fact that you have big buttocks but the fact that your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) is always low, there is a lesser risk of suffering these complications,” Dr. Sheriff added.

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