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How Adabraka daylight armed robbery unfolded – Eyewitnesses recount



The incident which happened during the day is said to have lasted barely two minutes as the robbers crossed the victim who was also on a motorbike ordering him to surrender monies he had in a bag.

The incident was at Adabraka Official Town, specifically between, Nobles Spot and the popular Aponkye Spot in the area.

Eyewitnesses stood motionless, could not intervene because the robbers had pulled out a black pistol, and did not also even call the police to lodge a complaint after the incident, the Daily Graphic report said.

It added: The robbery victim was left alone to count his losses, and left the scene moments after the robbers – two of them, had sped off on a black motorcycle with their booty, which was a substantial amount of cash wrapped in a polythene bag.

What happened? – Daily Graphic account:

Some eyewitnesses who spoke to the newspaper suggested that the robbers may have tracked the victims from a location, knowing that he was in possession of the money, and had struck at an opportune location and time.

The eyewitnesses said they heard the robbers demanding for the money when they stopped the victim, and ordered him to open the bag.

Eyewitnesses told Graphic Online that, the two suspects, covering their faces with helmets and wearing black jackets crossed the victim with their black motorcycle on the loop from the opposite side.

They used the motorcycle to block the victim from moving ahead and managed to get him to stop.

When he did, the pillion rider reportedly pulled out a black pistol and pointed it at the victim.

They ordered him to open and empty a backpack he was carrying, and when he did, they collected the substantial amount of money, which was wrapped in a polythene bag.

They searched the bag and found an additional GH¢400, made up of two separate GH¢200 notes, they collected that one as well and sped off.

The incident, shocked the eyewitnesses who said they were scared to intervene.

The victim after the incident waited for sometime, and left the scene.


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