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How a mysterious link to the death of their father collapsed the career of Antwi ne Antwi

Antwi ne Antwi made hit songs in the early 2000s

If you were born or old enough in the early 2000s, then you must probably have heard the name Antwi ne Antwi.

The popular showbiz group, which was made up of blood brothers: David Kwasi Ofori Antwi and Michael Kofi Antwi, had so many hit songs to their credit, including songs like Sekina, Congo Soldja, and Aku Sika.

But just when they were at the peak of their career, they witnessed a sudden breakdown, immediately after the death of their father in 2006.

For the first time in so many years, one of the brothers, David Kwasi Ofori Antwi, has opened up to the media about what happened to the once vibrant group.

He opened up about his 2-year painful struggle at battling a strange sickness to radio presenter, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, on Kofi TV, which was monitored by GhanaWeb.

The senior of the brothers, Kwasi Antwi, narrated that they came back from playing a show in Belgium to meet the sad news of their sick father in 2005.

He said he visited a prophetess about his father, who was then in coma, but was told he (their father) was going to lose him. He added that he was then warned not to drink or eat anything at the funeral grounds of his father, or else he was going to die just like his father.

Though he heeded the advice, he said he contracted a strange sickness after the last day of the funeral.

“Somewhere 2005, I had returned from playing a show in Belgium. I lost my father at the tail end of 2005. The funeral was held in January 2006, and immediately after that, I felt seriously sick. Before my father died, he was in a coma for a while. A prophetess advised me not to eat or drink water at the funeral of my father or else I would die. Then this strange sickness happened after the last day of the funeral. I started vomiting and passing stool, so I called for Kofi to come get me. He took me to Holy Trinity Hospital. I was discharged after 3 days. It continued like that for 2 years,” he said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

Listen to their hit song Sekina below:

He continued that from 2006 to 2008, he was admitted to the hospital every week and was discharged after the third day.

Kwasi Antwi disclosed that they lost all adverts and shows because the strange sickness only sufficed either when he was dressing for a show or just when they were being introduced to come on stage.

“I was admitted every week at the hospital. I had to sell every property of mine to raise money. I was sheduled to do surgery in 2008. We were on set shooting an advert for Cocacola, I fell down immediately I drank the coke. Now it became spiritual sickness, it only resurfaced anytime, we had a show to play. Just at the mention of Antwi Ne Antwi on stage, it rears its head.

“We missed all the shows from 2006 because of the sickness. Sometimes it came up when I was dressing for the show,” disclosed.

A sad Kwasi reiterated that strangely, the sickness disappeared after he sold all his properties, money, and even his younger brother’s money. He paid a lot of money to prophets, just because he was desperate to heal.

Kwasi Ofori Antwi of Antwi Ne Antwi fame

“I sold my boutique at Fadama, my cars, I had a land near where Asamoah Gyan’s house is, I sold that one too. I finally became okay when I lost every penny I had acquired. All my money and even that of my brother’s were spent on my medication.”

He finally got healed in 2008 after spending a lot of time at a prayer camp of a pastor who was also a friend.

“I was taken to a pastor friend of mine in 2008. He was the one who fervently prayed for me…So when you go through such terrible pains, you lose the love you have for the showbiz job. So I then decided to do the work of God.”

Watch the interview monitored by GhanaWeb below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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