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How a macho man singlehandedly chased robbers on a bike to rescue two KNUST students

The macho man speaking to Bigscout Media

A well-built man in the city of Kumasi has narrated how he single-handedly chased down a car and rescued two female students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The man, speaking with Bigscout Media on Facebook, said that on the day it happened, he had only gone to the campus for something when he wandered somewhere else.

He explained that instead of using a usual route, he had an inkling to go straight.

“It was a Friday and I went to TECH (KNUST) to do something; this was about four days back… when we were done, I told the person I went with that I was checking out something elsewhere. I got to the Ayeduase Junction and usually, I would go left but I don’t know what prompted me but I decided to go straight,” he said.

The man continued that after going a little ahead, a woman prompted him that some girls had been captured and locked in a car.

Not believing the woman initially, he said he only did when he saw something fall out of the car but no move was made by anyone to step out for it.

“I moved ahead a little and then I heard a woman saying that some people had been captured and locked in a car. Immediately, I thought to myself that how is that possible when there were a lot of people around. But the woman didn’t even finish speaking when I saw that something had fallen out of the car.”

“I thought that with this, someone would have opened the car to pick their item but rather, the car immediately started speeding. That was when I believed the woman. I picked up the item and it was a phone… I put it in my pocket and also started to speed up,” he added.

The macho man added that he knew he had to do something so he started chasing the car.

He explained that he encountered a number of hurdles along the way, with no one making an attempt to help him but he persisted.

“As I went, I was screaming at them that they are thieves while honking but nobody was paying attention to my calls. It seems in that area, there are a lot of crimes there. This was around 7pm…

“And because a lot of people use motorbikes for crimes in the area, they actually thought I was the thief so the cars ahead rather gave way to the car and blocked me instead. By the time I had access, the car was far gone but I didn’t slow.

“I kept on chasing them although the road was littered with potholes and because I had chased them for long, I thought that I should turn off my headlight. I continued till I got to a junction called D&G where I saw them take a turn in front of a car. Again, this car blocked me and before I was allowed to move, they had vanished again.

“I thought of returning but I didn’t. I followed again till I met a guy and asked if he has seen the car. He showed me where they had turned to and then I followed till I got to a T-junction. Luckily for me, the car had hit a dead-end and so it was turning back when I met them. I turned my headlight back on told myself that I would ensure I got those captured people out by all means,” he said.

Luckily for him, he added, the car sped into a gutter and with no escape, he was able to rescue the ladies.

“The driver tried to meander around me but he unfortunately fell into a gutter and then immediately, he got down and started to bolt. I threw my motorbike to the floor and tried chasing the driver when I heard one other guy trying to go for my bike. I turned to him and with no way out, he run.

“I then went into the car for the girls,” he narrated.

Watch the full interview below:



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