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How 42-year-old woman undressed a 13-year-old boy over sex

A 42-Year-Old woman has been charged after she allegedly forced herself on a neighbour’s 13-Year-Old son in her house in the Jamaica area, Lungalunga slums, Nairobi.

According to court papers seen at Makadara law courts, Ann Khayakia has been accused of committing the indecent act together with a man who allegedly sodomized the victim on November, 11. The man is currently at large and police have laid a dragnet for him.

The boy had allegedly been sent to the woman’s house at 9 pm. The woman is said to have convinced the boy to spend the night at her place since it was too late. She is said to have spread a mattress on the floor of her house where the victim slept with her children.

But in the dead of the night, Mrs Khayakia is said to have woken up her children, taken them to a different room and left the victim to sleep alone.

Later, she allegedly returned and informed the boy that she had a problem that needed his help. She asked the boy to sleep with her. The boy rejected her advances.

She then threatened to stab him but the boy refused to give in. Thereafter, she brandished a kitchen knife and paraffin threatening to stab the boy and burn him up. The boy gave in to her demands. After the act, she brought in a man who allegedly sodomized the boy.

After returning home, the boy spent the better part of the day sleeping forcing his mother to find out what was wrong. The boy opened up and narrated everything to her mother who rushed him to the hospital before reporting the matter to the police.


Khayakia was released on a KES 300,000 bail and the case will be mentioned on January 24.


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