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‘His father’s blood runs in his veins’ – Mixed reactions as Linda Ikeji changes son’s surname to hers



Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has stirred up controversy on social media after changing her son’s surname from her baby daddy’s to hers. The blogger changed her son’s name from Jayce Jeremi to Jayce Ikeji.

Renowned for her blog and contentious online posts, Linda Ikeji posted pictures of Jayce and his cousin, the younger sibling of Laura Ikeji, having fun on her Instagram page.

She wrote, “Jayce Ikeji and Ryan Kanu take Disney/Marvel Paris. Cousins, best friends, and literally growing up together as brothers. Their love for each other is incredible, and when they can help it, are inseparable! Ryan is literally the best little human ever!”

“They’ve been on a few vacations together in the past, but this is the first one they will remember as they are nearly 6 and 7 now. They are big Marvel fans, so we decided to bring them where the action is in Paris. They are having such a great time, and it’s amazing to watch!”.

Linda Ikeji’s post sparked mixed reactions from social media users after they learned that she had called her son “Jayce Ikeji.”

In 2018, Linda disclosed that Sholaye Jeremi, a business magnate in the oil and gas industry, is his baby daddy.

She clarified, however, how she became pregnant and mentioned that she and Jeremi are no longer together.

Linda Ikeji took to her blog to explain why things didn’t go as planned in her relationship with her son’s father, whom she had met in December 2015.

Social media users shared varied views on the blogger’s choice to give her son her surname instead of her baby daddy’s.

Some criticized the blogger, claiming that the boy would grow up and look for his father since the man’s veins run through him and it doesn’t matter if he uses the dad’s name or not.

Others countered that since the guy never paid Linda Ikeji’s bride price, he had no authority over the boy.

Read some comments below

mhorenike, “So? A name is just a title… his father’s blood runs in his veins and that’s all that matters”.

sueldelioness, “It’s simply tradition though, that if a man is not married to you and doesn’t accept a child you have for him, the child would carry your father’s name… She was kind enough to put the boys fathers name at birth but if he doesn’t want the child and won’t associate with the lil man, whatever she has done now is best for the child and herself as a woman. That dosnt mean he is no longer the boys father.”

iamsheila_, “I think In Igbo land,if you don’t pay the woman’s bride price,the son automatically belongs to the girl’s family.”

cool_dsn2023, “You cant try that for Yoruba fathers. yorubas owned the child”.

ebonyhautediva, “The baby shouldn’t even have had his name in the first place, not Igbo culture. If not that her money had closed her parents mouths a man that didn’t pay any kind of dowry, how does the child belong to him??”



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