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Here are some tips to consider spicing up your sex life

Sex plays a vital role in relationships by increasing intimacy between a couple.

According to research, regular sex lowers divorce rates among married couples.

While sex increases intimacy, it also has physical and psychological health benefits, thus it helps in lowering stress, improving sleep, and boosting immune function.

If you want tips to spice up your sex life then continue reading this article

Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous means making it happen naturally and unplanned.

Sex doesn’t always have to happen in the bedroom. How about a quickie in the kitchen as she cuts those tomatoes?

You don’t always have to strip yourselves all naked to have that sex, just bring the penis out of the trousers and have her shift those pants and sit on you while you watch that movie.

Flirt with each other during the day by sending texts and or placing random calls reminding your partner how sweet and sexy she was or how good he made you feel. Tell them how you can’t wait to see them, let them know you yearn for them and how bad you want to have that sex.

My guy, spank that ass as she walks by, tell her how you wish to bang them and how it makes you crazy. Play with each other and help your partner feel good in their body.

Have maintenance sex

Maintenance sex is having sex just to have it, even if you don’t feel like doing it. You do this just to ensure both people in the relationship are sexually satisfied.

There are mostly two different sex drives in a relationship, there are times one partner wants to have sex but the other does not, it will be unfair to deny your partner satisfaction because you don’t feel like it.

Don’t deny your partner that pleasure just because you’re tired from work and would rather go to bed. Having maintenance sex will keep both of you closer to each other.

Always take an opportunity to work sex into your schedule. The more you have it, the happier you’ll be.

Try new positions

A sex position is a position of the body that people use for sexual intercourse or other sexual activities.

Some people are comfortable with the missionary position and don’t try to explore other sex positions. Engaging in the same sex position can sometimes be boring and frustrating.

These are different sex positions you and your partner might want to try:

• Slow-motion spooning: Spooning sex is when two partners lay on their sides facing the same direction. With your partner right behind you and your pelvises aligned, he can penetrate easily and move back and forth in long, slow, motions that go deep, stroking your G-spot.

• Bottoms up: Lie on your belly, then tilt your hips up and back; this tilt changes the angle of penetration, switching up the sensations you normally feel when your partner enters you from behind. It also allows your bodies to be physically closer than usual, boosting the sense of intimacy.

• The hot wrap: With this position, after you lie on your back as a man, have your female partner climb and lay on top of you, with their back pressed against your body. Reach your arm around their hips and start to stimulate their clitoris using your fingers while you play with their nipples with the other hand.

• Cowgirl: With this position, the female takes control and that’s another fun, classic position. To do this, the male lies on their back, allowing the female to control the speed and depth of penetration as they ride. Make sure to alternate between shallow and deep thrusts for maximum satisfaction.

• Ankle Choker: The ankle choker is said to be one of the hottest sex moves. With this position, the female lays down on their back with legs up in the air, and the male on their knees facing you. You can rest your feet on your partner’s shoulder once you are in position. Your partner may want to wrap one of their arms around your ankles to hold your legs closed to one side of their chest. And for deeper penetration, have your partner push your legs forward with your legs almost touching your shoulders.

• Shower power: You both might decide to take a shower together in the morning as you prepare for work, you can then decide to have a quick one before you get clean. Since full penetration in the shower isn’t easy to pull off mostly due to height difference, you can consider using your hands and mouths to please yourselves.

Have fun together

Keeping the passion alive, sometimes have nothing to do with the bedroom. Engaging in fun activities helps pay attention to each other and that helps build some form of desire.

Plan a fun trip where you spend time alone and away from work and every other thing that keeps you busy.

Love and sex are meant to be enjoyed, make it fun with one partner, and always bear in mind that it always has to be safe.

STDs are real and so keeping multiple sexual partners is not advisable and can be dangerous.

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