A Ghanaian based in Japan, Barnabas Young, has disclosed that his wife’s parents did not agree because of his skin color but later gave him $5,000 for the ceremony.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Barnabas indicated that her parents had no travel experience and believed the terrible narrative created. However, after a while, they grew fond of him and even supported their marriage financially.

“Japan is a nation island so they did not travel much. They thought Africans lived on trees with no clothes. They saw me wearing a suit and thought I bought it in Japan. Later, that perception changed and we got married after,” Barnabas narrated.

According to Barnabas, they developed trust in him, and “surprisingly, they gave me money for marrying their daughter. They gave $5,000 at the time but we chose a court wedding and gave the money to a children’s home.”

Barnabas also spoke on work in the island country. According to him, the working visa restricts its holders from two or more jobs.