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Headmaster’s wife threatens him with divorce for keeping books in their bedroom



The Headmaster’s effort to convince his wife to stay has proven futile.

The divorce has been necessitated because the headmaster is now keeping school books in their one-bedroom apartment, which the wife claims is inconveniencing to her.

“Go and tell the MCE, he should come and check out the condition of the school. The school has no office, the whole Dawurampong circuit that’s the school…Headmaster, books, school property, he keeps it in his bedroom. His wife has packed everything out. She says she will divorce him. She says she cannot sleep with the many books in our small room.

“We gather that the Office of the Headmaster is in a deplorable state and regardless of promises by the Member of Parliament to rehabilitate the building, nothing has been done about it. Hon.Nicholas Amankwaa hasn’t been forthcoming, although his attention has been drawn to the school’s plight.

“This was a BECE center, but because of the deplorable state of the school, it has been taken from this place to English and Arabic. I’m disappointed in the MCE and the MP because we would not face all these difficulties if they paid good attention to the school.

“The MP brought sand and wood to build but it is been a year and nothing has been done about the office building,” the headmaster told Agya Yaw Obeng on Asona Fm monitored by



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