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He doesn’t eat pepper – Chief Imam’s wife shares the secret to her husband’s longevity



Adiza Osman says her husband, Sheikh Sharubutu does not eat pepper

Ghana’s National Chief Imam, Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, is among the oldest people in the country, seeing that he is 103 years old, but that may not only be due to supernatural grace, as his wife details.

Answering a question about the longevity of the Chief Imam, in an interview with Oman Channel, and monitored by GhanaWeb, Adiza Osman said that:

“He doesn’t eat pepper at all, but if you have to give him pepper, it must come with a lot of onions. When you serve him food and there is pepper in it, he will call you and ask you if you think that adding a lot of pepper to your food is what will show that you know how to cook,” she said.

Touching on how her husband became the National Chief Imam when it is not as if he knows the Quran better than most people, she explained that it started with his uncle, Abbas, who was once the Chief Imam.

She explained that one of the other qualities that gave him an advantage over everyone else is that he is patient and humble.

Watch the full interview below:



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