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Have you seen a foolish rich man before? – Kennedy Agyapong slams Annoh-Dompreh over unpresidential tag



New Patriotic Party flagbearer hopeful Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has responded to Majority Chief Whip of Parliament, Frank Annoh-Dompreh, who allegedly stated that Agyapong is not suited for the presidency.

In an audio clip where Kennedy Agyapong was addressing NPP delegates during his ongoing campaign, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central criticized the lack of development in mining communities across the country while calling out the Majority Chief Whip.

“When you come here to mine gold, the first thing we should negotiate is your corporate social responsibility. Ensure that the people in the mining areas are taken care of. One of my chairmen is from Abirem, and when you visit Kenyasi and Babiani and witness the gold being mined there compared to the living conditions of the people, even the poor are being evicted from their homes. Jesus Christ! I, Kennedy Agyapong, will not tolerate this. That will not work. I believe in Ghana; Ghana first. We will enter into an agreement, and if you’re not going to bring peace to Ghana, leave the gold in the ground,” he stated in the audio shared on YouTube by Oman Channel.

Kennedy Agyapong, who is also a business magnate, has been criticized by his opponents for being nonconformist. Referring to Annoh-Dompreh sharing a similar opinion about his personality, Agyapong questioned how he could have achieved success in business if he were unpresidential.

“Today, Newmont wants to divert the Sunyani Road. Ask yourself why they transport the gold by helicopter. Go to South Africa and see what gold mining has done for South Africans. What is wrong with Ghanaians? We are only concerned about speaking English. Annoh-Dompreh gets up and says I am not a presidential material. Have you ever seen a foolish rich man?” Kennedy Agyapong questioned.

During another campaign interaction, Kennedy Agyapong revealed an alleged attempt by Majority Chief Whip in Parliament, Frank Annoh-Dompreh, to sabotage his campaign.

According to the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Dompreh is questioning the basis for some party chairmen supporting Agyapong because he believes Agyapong is unfit for the presidency.

“Do you know something? Annoh-Dompreh, who is the Majority Whip in Parliament, has the audacity to call chairmen and tell them that ‘you are supporting Kennedy Agyapong, he is not presidential material’,” Agyapong said.

However, Agyapong questioned the chief whip’s justification for describing him as unpresidential. Presenting himself as a better candidate, Agyapong argued that his successful business track record proves his capability to lead Ghana towards development if elected as flagbearer and subsequently president.

He emphasized that he is the only candidate who has prioritized the interests of the party’s delegates and will work for their welfare instead of using financial means to secure the nomination.


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