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Hajia4Reall’s $500,000 bail bond and how she may pay it – US prosecutor details



Ghanaian-American US-based prosecutor and Supreme Court attorney, lawyer Ebenezer Appiagyei, has shed some light on the case of socialite Mona4Reall, who recently pleaded not guilty to charges brought against her for a $2 million romantic scam.

According to Lawyer Appiagyei in an interview with Frank Ntiamoah Williams, while it was reported that she would be released after paying a $500,000 bond, there seems to be some misconception regarding the actual amount required for her release.

Lawyer Appiagyei clarified that the bond amount set by the court does not necessarily mean that Mona4Reall has to pay the full sum.

He explained that according to the section for bail and bond, individuals can pay 10% of the bond or bail set and still be eligible for release, provided they comply with certain conditions.

“It’s my understanding that this individual was released on a bond of $500,000, that does not mean you have to pay $500,000. According to the section for bail and bond, you can pay 10% of the bond or bail is set and you can be released on a monitor,” he said.

However, the lawyer pointed out that in many cases, intermediaries called bondsmen or middlemen come into play and these bondsmen typically require 10% of the total bond amount as their fee.

“We have bails and bondsmen. If she has the $500,000 it could be in the form of money or assets, she can do that.

“But usually, the system is such that we have people, like middlemen, so we have bails and bondsmen that require 10% of whatever is set, and because they asked her for $500,000, she can get a bail or bondsmen that will take $50,000 to put up the bond for her,” he added.

In addition, the bondsman will assure the court that they will ensure her appearance in court and request the use of an electronic monitor to limit her mobility while she is out of jail.

“This middle company or middlemen will tell the court that they will make sure that she appears in court and they will also request an electronic monitor so that this individual when they see is out of jail, which means they will also put an electronic monitor that will limit her mobility in the United States.”

The arrest and extradition of Mona4Reall news were circulated on Monday, May 15, 2023, as she was said to have appeared in Manhattan federal court to face charges related to her alleged involvement in a series of schemes targeting vulnerable individuals living alone.

According to the New York Post, the socialite pleaded not guilty to the charges levelled against her.

In light of the allegations, Mona4Reall is expected to be released in the coming days upon posting a $500,000 bond.

As part of her release conditions, she will be subject to GPS tracking through an ankle monitor.

The case has drawn attention both locally and internationally due to Mona4Reall‘s prominent social media presence and her alleged involvement in a high-profile scam.



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