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Ghanaians voted for a clown – Bongo Ideas tackles Nana Addo



Blogger and influencer Albert Nat Hyde, known widely as Bongo Ideas has shared his opinion on the president’s choice of project for the masses who voted for him.

The president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo promised God he will build a cathedral to glorify him if elected the president of Ghana during his campaign in 2016. Analysts suggest his comment was a personal promise to God hence there was no need soliciting funds from the public and using tax payers money for such project.

Bongo Ideas’ comment outlined what we need as a country and what should be tackled first. His comment was triggered by Ghanaian based US comedian Michael Blackson’s untrained modern school facility built for the people of his hometown. His post on social media read, “Michael Blackson has built a school, Addo D is building a cathedral…we definitely voted for a clown”

According to Mr. Blankson, he never thought he could put up such facility. He expressed his gratitude to God for lifting him from the streets of America to where he has gotten to in life. His commitment to ensuring the average Ghanaian get educated is overwhelming. He further outlined that “you don’t pay anything to learn in my school, you only pay attention”.

Bongo’s analysis is a proof of how our leaders haven’t set the country’s priorities right.

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