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Ghanaians ranked second after Nigeria among women with high beauty standards in Africa



The survey which was conducted in several African countries saw Nigerian women being the ones with the highest standards when it comes to beauty and aesthetics in Africa.

The survey showed that 74% of Nigerian women between 18 – 25 spend a lot of time and money to maintain their appearance.

While 59% of those who engaged in the survey said they had a daily skincare routine because appearing presentable in public was important to them, Ugandans and Ghanaians followed suit.

Both Ghana and Uganda scored 68% as they were closely followed by Kenyans and South Africa, both registering a score of 66%.

However, Senegalese women did not prioritise looking good in public. 64% of those surveyed indicated that maintaining a daily skincare routine was important for looking good.

Women in Benin also seemed to not place a lot of emphasis on high beauty standards as merely 30% reported engaging in a daily skincare routine.

The study also revealed that 85% of young women across Africa believe that a good hairstyle can empower a woman.

However, male respondents were slightly more indecisive, although most agreed.
The rankings are as follows
Nigeria – 74%
Uganda – 68%
Ghana – 68%
Kenya – 66%
South Africa – 66%
Egypt – 64%
Angola- 59%
Zambia – 59%
Mozambique – 54%
Senegal – 54%


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