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Ghanaians curses Becca over failure to attend her late mother’s funeral



Ghanaians vent out their anger on singer Becca over failure to attend her late motherMadam Julie Yiadom-Oti‘s funeral in London.

Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti, the mother of Ghanaian songstress, Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong known in the showbiz as Becca was laid to rest on Saturday, 20 February 2021 in London.

The funeral rite of Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti was held at Brompton, London.

The family were supported by their friends, and loved ones to pay their last respect to Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti.

In a video monitored by, the husband, sisters and children of Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti read their tribute to her in a place that looks like a church.

Scenes from the video shows that late Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti, Becca’s mother, was a mother for all as the pastor and other church members of her gave powerful testimonies about her.

In more than 1 hour coverage of the funeral, singer Becca was nowhere found at her biological mother’s funeral grounds.

While the family were observing and reading tributes of their loved one, when it got to Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti’s children, her two sons; Pari and Gabriel showed to read their tribute.

Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti became very famous because she was the mother of singer Becca and on her funeral grounds, many Ghanaians were looking forward to seeing her presence but it turns she did not attend her funeral based on a reason known to her alone.

Watch the full video below:

Below are some reactions of some Ghanaians who expressed their worries in Becca for failing to pay her last respect to her mother:



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