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Ghanaian woman narrates how her ATM card was allegedly ‘hacked’ at KIA



The woman, who runs the Family Chef Kitchen, on Facebook, in a video post she shared on Sunday, September 24, 2023, said that she realised that her card had been hacked two days after travelling from Ghana to the US.

She indicated that her card was hacked at the airport when she tried using it to withdraw money from an ATM to pay a man who was helping her get her luggage through the airport.

“I got a bit scared when he asked me to withdraw money from the ATM to add up to $100. I gave him because he requested $150. But I saw some white people withdrawing money from the ATM… so I went to put my Bank of America card in the ATM.

“After I entered my PIN code the machine beeped but no money came out. Then the guy came to tell me that it is typical of ATMs in Ghana so I should try a different one but I declined,” she narrated.

She added that she asked her relation to send the balance to the guy via mobile money which he did.

The woman went on to say that days after getting to the US she decided to check her bank account and realised that someone had been using the card back in Ghana.

“I checked my account and saw that my money was getting finished. My money was been stolen in Ghana. I saw that I had been charged $1.45 as a transaction fee when I used the ATM at KIA… then I saw that $128 had been taken out from a transaction at City Bank in Ghana, and $22 had been paid to a company at the airport.

“I also saw that someone had used the card to buy tissue worth $68. They had used my card for several transactions and even two hours before I checked my balance the card had been used,” she added.

She went on to say that she contacted the Bank of America to complain to them but they did not initially believe her because they were convinced that she was the one using the card.

The Ghanaian woman added that she only managed to convince the bank after providing evidence of a recent transaction in America which led to them blocking the card.

Watch the woman’s narration in the video below:



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