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Ghanaian socialites who have refuted money ritual allegations

Ghanaian socialites who have refuted money ritual allegations

These people are popular for their extravagant cars and gadgets, designer clothes, vacations to some of the exclusive places on earth and having access to things people can only dream of.

Ordinarily, that should not be an issue, however, the argument from some critics has been that the people on this list have no track record of wealth or works that validate their sudden acquisition of wealth. As such, they are tagged by a section of the public as persons indulging in money rituals for the things they boast of.

This story is not to deepen the allegations but rather to highlight the counterclaim by the accused persons.

1. Criss Waddle

Ghanaian rapper and boss of AMG Music, Criss Waddle is the first on the list. He has been tagged as a ritualist for over a decade now.

When the term ‘Sakawa’ meaning ‘internet fraudster’ first came up, Criss Waddle was one of the faces associated with it. He was also accused of being a homosexual to generate money.

Responding to these allegations in an exclusive interview on the Joy Showbiz show, the ‘P3 kakra’ singer explained that he is not a money ritualist nor is he into homosexuality.

According to him, he makes his money solely through music, and his investment in the real estate industry and other ventures he prefers to be silent on. He added that there is nothing like ‘money rituals’.

2. Ibrah One

Ibrah One is famous for his love for luxury sports cars and his isolation from other Ghanaian socialities. Ibrah One was very low-key and out of the public eye until he decided to do a giveaway of an iPhone in a troski.

He also has been questioned about his source of wealth and many have accused him of enriching himself through the use of Voodoo magic.

Like others before him, Ibrah One refuted these allegations saying that he made his money from forex trading.

3. Medikal

AMG Music signee, Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known as Medikal has for a while now been tagged as a money ritualist who operates through scamming.

It all began when the rapper bought a brand-new Range Rover during the COVID-19 lockdown period when the music business was at its lowest. He was questioned by netizens on how he made his money to buy those cars since he wasn’t touring or making major sales as a rapper.

The rapper responded through a series of social media posts about how he made huge sums of money through adverts, endorsement deals and his vast investments
in the real estate business.

4. Nana Wan

Nana Kwame Wiafe also known as Nana Wan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Wiafe Group of companies and the president of 2Hype music. The 38-year-old business magnate has been tagged as a money ritual for his sudden rise to wealth.

Nana Wan is not from a wealthy family nor does he have any past record of doing any work to account for the riches he commands in the public domain.

These rumors intensified when an imposter claimed he is Nana Wan and that he has killed lots of people for money.

However, in an exclusive interview with YFM, the real Nana Wan responded, claiming that it wasn’t him that did the confession and that he makes his money genuinely.

5. Nhyiraba Kojo

Hiplife musician Rashid Joseph, popularly known as Nhyiraba Kojo, is one of the well-known musicians accused of participating in Sakawa.

According to Adom Online, Nhyiraba Kojo had his contribution rejected by a fellow veteran Ghanaian rapper EX-Doe.

EX-Doe explained that he could not accept Sakawa money. However, in response, Nhyiraba dismissed the accusation saying that he practiced legal business.



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