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Ghana faces real threat of terrorism – Rawlings warns



Former President Jerry John Rawlings is admonishing Ghanaians to be extra vigilant as the country prepares to go to the polls in December, lest Ghana crumbles under terrorist attacks.

Pointing to “credible intelligence” attributed to several sources, the former military leader reiterated that Ghana is on the radar of terrorists.

“Our country faces a real threat of terrorism with the heightened attacks in neighbouring countries,” he warned.

The precautionary message was contained in a statement issued by former President Rawlings on Wednesday.

He maintained that it would be a fallacy for the country to think it is insulated whilst it neigbours are being bombarded with terrorist attacks.

“As Ghanaians we can no longer procrastinate on the matter of terrorism and assume we are insulated from the reality. The time has come for heightened vigilance by every Ghanaian as we enter a vulnerable period leading up to the December Presidential and Parliamentary elections.”

Touching on the recent deployment of heavy military at Ghana’s borders, especially in the Volta region much to the chagrin of residents there, Mr. Rawlings prayed for collaboration to avoid the situation being exploited by terrorists.

“While we undoubtedly are nervous about the deployment of the military and other security agencies across our border areas, ordinary civilians can better guarantee their safety when we keep our ears and eyes open for suspicious movement and activities across our vast borders.

“In the same vein, I once again urge the military and other agencies deployed in the border regions to perform their roles above reproach and be sensitive to the mood of the people of the border areas who are already reeling under the pressures of Covid-19.

“Any unease and mistrust between the military and communities along the border areas will only create an opening for those engaging in terrorist activity to slip through, increasing the threats to our country. Cooperation and sharing of intelligence is key to confronting the challenge.”


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