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Ghana Bar Association comes under fire over statement on nose mask sanctions



The Ghana Bar Association has come under heavy criticism for releasing a statement that addresses the harsh nature of punishment to be meted out to those who flout the mandatory wearing of nose masks directive.

In an interview with Kwame Afrifa Mensah on the ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ show, the editor of the Hawk Newspaper, Charles McCarthy reasoned, however, that the timing of the Association’s statement was wrong as Ghanaians expected that they influenced the outcome of the law earlier than now.

He furthered that there were more pressing issues that needed to be addressed by the Ghana Bar Association and the Ghana School of Law.

“Ghana’s School of Law was able to protest on the unjust admission system but not a single statement on the law. Incidents of the NPP primaries and the reopening of schools happened and yet the Ghana Bar Association was quiet about these incidents. Why are they coming out now with a statement on the wearing of nose masks? Weren’t they in this country when the president pardoned the NPP for breaching the protocols? Aren’t they aware that some pastors were put in prison because of COVID-19? Do we need GBA to tell us that we will face imprisonment when we do not wear nose masks? There are pressing issues disturbing Ghanaians when it comes to justice delivery and that requires them to speak”.

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) in a press release signed by Mr Anthony Forson Jnr, President and Mr Yaw Acheampong Boafo, Secretary of the GBA and copied to the Ghana News Agency, expressed its concerns over the growing number of COVID-19 cases as well as the severity of punishment imposed on persons who flout the COVID-19 protocols.

The Association, however, noted that it was important that people follow the protocols to avoid punishment by the law.

A part of the statement read, “It is imperative, in the view of the Bar, that all citizens and residents abide by the provisions of all legislations and in particular those that have been enacted to ensure public safety and health in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Source: Happy 98.9FM


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