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Frimprince lists one ‘big sin’ of Diana Asamoah that irked him



Diana Asamoah

As many ponder over what actually caused the breakup of the working relationship between Emmanuel Anane Frimpong (Frimprince) and his artiste Diana Asamoah, the music executive has refrained from giving details but has mentioned one of the things he was unhappy about during his engagement with the gospel musician.

After twenty-two years of building an enviable Diana Asamoah brand in the Ghanaian showbiz industry, the least Frimprince expected was to see the musician dilute her brand positioning. He mentioned in his interview on Angel FM that Diana Asamoah was known as one of the serious brands but she later shifted the focus when she decided to prioritise her looks and share footage on social media.

Sounding disappointed about the switch, Frimprince said there were instances the media had to discuss her outfit and sudden decision to ‘slay’, a narrative which did not inure to the benefit of the production house. What worried him the most was the fact that Diana Asamoah did not run any of the said footage by him.

Considering the brand positioning, he received calls from certain respectable people asking what could have gone wrong for his artiste to be subjecting herself to public ridicule.

“The last ‘Abba Father’ we organized in Kumasi, the team was led by Dave Hammer and Abena Dapaah. We spent four months on the event. I know with events, you get a professional photographer and decide which of them to circulate and thank your fans, sponsors…

“However, while at the event, she had her makeup artiste, do their own thing and post on social media without my consent and render the job you’ve done useless. Now, entertainment pundits will be talking about her slay queen style instead of the event,” Frimprince said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

He added: “After all these, they upload on social media, and monitise it so I don’t get anything from it. If you look at the brand we have built, what do you think this [her slay queen attitude] will add to it? People call me and ask questions, express sentiments about her posture because they know that is not how she is. I’ve received insults for that although I have no hand in her slay queen pictures.”


Frimprince on September 14, 2022, announced the termination of his contract with the gospel musician evoking shock from a section of the public.

In the contract termination document shared on social media, Frimprince was to take over the rights to albums released under the label.

“Frimprince shall continue to have absolute rights over all songs that were produced under the production,” the signed document dated August 4, 2022, read as the records were listed.

The works are, Wo Na Mani Agyina Wo, Mabowodin, Akoko Abon, Madansidie, Pentecost Gya, Momomme, Wo Damu Fua, Tetelesta and Pentecost Soree.

The popular singer in her response hours after the termination was made public has directed his former producer to contact her songwriter Pastor Simon Boama to reach an agreement on his decision to own her major albums which he produced between 2000 to 2019.

“With reference to the conclusive part of your letter I plead to differ, any future issues with regards to me (Evangelist Diana Asamoah) using the songs, remaking or remixing them should kindly be channeled to Pastor Simon Boama the writer and author of the songs,” read parts of Diana’s letter.

Details of why the contract was terminated are unknown.





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