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Freemasons Ghana breaks silence on allegations of being occultic organization, drinking blood



“We don’t kill people. We don’t drink blood. We are not an occult organization but an organization with a very decent respect for men,” the member stated unequivocally.

Freemasonry, a centuries-old fraternal organization, has often been the subject of rumors and conspiracy theories. The Ghanaian chapter aims to set the record straight and dispel any misunderstandings about their purpose and practices.

The interviewed Freemason continued, “That is why you find that all over the world, and Ghana is not an exception, some of the people who are serving this country in a variety of situations are Freemasons. Whether in government, in opposition, in industry, in the clergy, in the health sector, every sphere of human endeavor.”

The Freemasons, with a presence in Ghana for many years, emphasize their commitment to values such as brotherhood, charity, and moral uprightness. They assert that their organization promotes self-improvement, community service, and the advancement of knowledge.

In recent times, social media and online forums have been rife with speculation and conspiracy theories about the organization.

Some of these claims have led to fears and misconceptions among the public.

The Freemasons of Ghana hope that this interview will shed light on their true intentions and dispel any lingering doubts.


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