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France protests: Latest as demonstration enters fifth night over Nahel M murder



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Fewer arrests happun compared to di previous four nights – 719 – with di worst of di clashes for southern city of Marseille.

Protests for di kontri enta a fifth night afta di shooting of di teenager.

For di Paris suburb L’Hay-les-Roses, attackers drive car enta di house of di mayor, dem injurie im wife as she try to run wit dia two children.

Police shoot and kill Nahel M, 17, as e bin dey drive away from a traffic stop on Tuesday.

Large crowds turn up for im burial on Saturday.

Yawa don gas for many French cities since Nahel M killing for di Paris suburb of Nanterre.

Inside one tweet, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin praise law enforcement for dia “resolute action” wey don lead to a “calmer night”.

Dem deploy around 45,000 police across di kontri for a second night on Saturday.

Di ministry say by 03:30 (01:30 GMT) dem don make 486 arrests.

Dem make more dan 1,300 arrests on Friday night and more dan 900 on Thursday.

For Marseille, heavy clash happun between police and rioters throughout Saturday evening.

Inside video wey dey trend online, police dey use tear gas against pipo for di city.

Di video show di clashe dey take place for La Canebière, di main avenue in di heart of Marseille.

French media report say fighting happun between one large group of rioters and officers for di area for more dan one hour.

For Paris, large numbers of police tanda along di iconic Champs-Élysées.

Pipo bin ginger ontop social media for protesters to gada dia but e b die like police presence make most of dem no show. m

Di capital police say dem make 194 arrests. Di Paris region stop all buses and trams afta 21:00 for a second night running.

Reports say French PM Elisabeth Borne attend di command room of di national police for Paris to observe efforts at maintaining order.

Di mayor of the southern Paris suburb of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, Vincent Jeanbrun, say im wife and one of im children bin injure as dem dey run from one attacker wey drive motor enta im house den set di car on fire.

For di northern city of Lille, police special forces dey streets. Fotos from di city overnight show firefighters dey put out fire inside cars wey rioters set.

Police arrest 21 pipo for di city of Lyon. Clashes also dey reported for Nice and Strasbourg.

Officials hope say dem fit don reach a turning-point – say rioters dey lose dia energy thanks to di security crackdown and di massive unpopularity of dia actions.

However, until more nights of quiet confam di trend, nobody dey assume anything.

Dem hold Nahel funeral service for di mosque for Nanterre earlier on Saturday.

Supporters of di family tell tori pipo to stay away. Dem ban all filming – even on phones. “No Snapchat, no Insta,” dem tell mourners.

Wetin happun to Nahel

Police shoot Nahel afta e refuse to stop for a traffic check and e die afta emergency services attend to di scene. One video, dem shar online hours afta Nahel death, show two police officers dey try to stop di vehicle and one dey point im weapon at di driver.

Di officer wey fire di fatal shot don dey charged with voluntary homicide and e don apologise to di family. Im lawyer say e dey devastated.

Nahel death don restart di debate around di state of French policing, including one controversial 2017 firearms law wey allow officers to shoot wen a driver ignore an order to stop.

Also, e don lead to questions of racism for di force. Di UN human rights office say di unrest na a chance for France “to address deep issues of racism inside di law enforcement”.

President Emmanuel Macron condemn di violence on Friday “with di greatest firmness” and say Nahel death don dey used to justify acts of violence – e call call am an “unacceptable exploitation of di adolescent death”.


Source: BBC

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