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Four ways to get rid of vaginal odour

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Every vagina has a scent but with proper hygiene and cleanliness one can keep their private part clean and devoid of pungent smells.

According to, one’s lifestyle, hobbies, foods and general health affects the scents the vagina produces.

For instance, the smell of your vagina changes frequently throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle. Midcycle is often when vaginal discharge smells the most.

After sexual activity or exercise, the vagina may emit a stronger odour. It’s natural for each person’s vagina to have a distinct aroma.

Strong, foreign, unpleasant odours are abnormal, especially if they linger for many days and smell fishy.

A stinky vaginal odour may be a sign of a health issue, particularly if it is together with other symptoms including burning, itching, and a discharge that is greyish-white in colour.

Your pH level, or how acidic your vagina is, frequently determines your vaginal odour. Your vagina is home to a wide variety of germs. They comprise what is referred to as your vaginal flora.

To maintain the proper pH level in your vagina, these bacteria must coexist in a delicate equilibrium.

Healthy pH balance wards against infections that result in unpleasant vaginal odour. In contrast, an imbalance in your vaginal flora might make your vagina smell bad overall or like fish.

Read below three ways to take away scents in the vagina:

Practice good hygiene:

When cleaning the vulva, just use mild, unscented soap and warm water. After exercising, shower and change into clean clothing right away to avoid sitting for too long in hot, sweaty attire or a moist swimsuit. Harmful germs thrive best in warm, humid conditions.

Wear light, breathable clothing:

Do not put on clothing that is overly tight around the vulva area, such as thongs. Instead, put on cotton underwear that drains moisture and heat.

Drink plenty of water

If one is dehydrated, their vagina may smell strongly like ammonia. The waste in one’s urine might become particularly concentrated and unpleasant-smelling if there is not enough water present. Water can hydrate you and get rid of the scent.

Protect your vagina (and vaginal flora) during sex

The use of condoms lowers the risk of STIs and other illnesses that might cause the vagina’s pH levels to fluctuate, such as BV.

To avoid causing vaginal irritation, exclusively use flavourless and odourless lubricants.



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