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Former Arsenal midfielder Alex Song gifts his wife multimillion mansion on her birthday

Former Barcelona and Arsenal midfielder, Alex Song and his wife Olivia Song

Former Barcelona and Arsenal midfielder, Alex Song has gifted his wife, Olivia Song a huge mansion as she marks another milestone in her life.

The mansion is part of his ‘Nokay 17 Residences’ company located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Song revealed on Instagram that the apartment is in memory of a ‘small house’ they lived in London, while also recalling a ‘cheap’ bag he bought Olivia as her first birthday gift after they married.

“Happy birthday to my best friend the love of my life the most wonderful mother, you are my source of motivation, thank you for all the support you give me for so many years. I remember in 2006 in London when we lived in a small two-bedroom apartment, the first time I gave you a gift for your birthday, I went to a shop called tkmax, and from there I bought you a purse that had not cost me much thing. that day you were so happy to receive it, your eyes were shining, you had thanked me a thousand times while this bag had only cost me 250 €. you took it every time we went out and it touched me so much to the point where I asked you the question:[ what can I offer you that will please you if I have the means] and you answered me saying:[ if you have the mo yens I wish that you offer me a Hermès bag] and I had asked you the price, you had told me: [it’s expensive it’s not our level because it costs about €3000] and exactly I had told you that day that: [I would never buy a bag at this price ????????????????]. but thanks to God I have offered you several bags over the years, I am so proud of the journey we have traveled together.”

In his emotional message to celebrate her wife, Song who currently plays for AS Arta/Solar7 in Djibouti stated that gifting her the mansion is a dream.

“Thank God it was not easy for me to do this project without you knowing who is the instigator. I had to make you understand that this building located in the middle of the golf just 50m from the US Embassy in Yaounde is in the continuation of NOKAY17, and I knew you could never doubt it, that in fact, this building is for you Tinted. It was my dream to offer you this gift olibooboooooo apartments in memory of our small apartment in London, in a building where it was not obvious to us, here’s how I was able to realize this dream today, and I am proud of it. You are everything to me, MY ONLY ONE LOVE FOR LIFE. make this building what you want, you have no account to report to anyone, neither me nor your children, eat, spend, run, jump, it’s up to you, make yourself happy, make this what you want, part even to Baden Baden with or even to tcholéré, in short, it’s you to do this How good does it look to you. @olibooboosong.”

Alexander Song had a staller career in England and is highly regarded at Arsenal as one of the best midfielders the club has ever had. However, a move to Barcelona in 2012 did not turn out to be what he envisaged as it cause the decline of his career.




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