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Food Shortage hits Ghana Army training schools

Captain John Kwame Jabari (Rtd), of the Ghana Army, has alleged that the Ghana Armed Forces is reeling from food shortage, causing discomfort for cadets at the various recruit training centers.

His allegations come on the back of similar food shortage complaints that has rocked Senior high school in the country which has left parents and guardians worried with some heads of schools in the Upper West Region threatening to close down schools on July 15, if the problem is not addressed.

Speaking to show host of Ultimate Cup of Tea, Julius Caesar Anadem, monitored by the retired army officer made claims of uneasiness amongst, freshly recruited soldiers and those at training centers, as their food are being rationed for lack of it, a situation he describes as unheard of in the Ghana Army.


‘‘Caesar Let me say it for the first time, this food shortage that has hit the Second cycle schools, the Ghana Armed forces has the same problem. The Ghana armed forces, you know they take ration from the government, their suppliers have stopped supplying them’’

‘‘We feed those who are in training, those who are at the various training schools, those in the service and have gone for additional training. For the young soldiers who come out for the first three years, the government still feeds them and they still have to stay within the barracks. Those who go on night duties, those who go on special operations as they go to Bawku, Page, there is an issue over there, those who are at the borders of the Ghana Armed forces will have to feed them because they are not in their house or comfort zone. ’’ Captain Jabari said

Captain Jabari who is an Ashanti Regional 1st vice hopeful with the NDC bemoaned the uneasiness within the military now and noted that feeding of soldiers is crucial in the Army, for proper output of the soldiers. This he notes will prevent men on duty from using food as an excuse when they have been deployed for various reasons.

‘‘There is a shortage of food in the various training schools, suppliers have not been paid, they are owing contractors and they can’t pay them’’

In a related development on food shortage in Senior High Schools, the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) is holding a crucial meeting to discuss the impact of these developments.

Today, the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) is holding a crucial meeting to discuss the impact of these developments.



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