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Fear grips Obuasi after revelation that a god will turn into huge snake

There is fear in the Obuasi municipality after a video of Prophet Reinhard Oduro Gyebi, also known as the Eagle Prophet, went viral that a river god in the area would turn into a huge snake in the central business district (CBD) soon.

According to Prophet Oduro Gyebi, whose prophesies are known to be spot on, in recent times, some miners went to seek the help of the river god years ago to help them get a lot of gold, but have ceased performing the agreed rituals since mining in the area went down.

Prophet Oduro Gyebi claimed that he went to pray throughout the night for Accra Mall, following his earlier revelation that there would be a fire outbreak.

His followers believe it was the prophet’s prayer that made God stop that fire outbreak.


According to him, the river god in Obuasi was, therefore, angry and wants to leave the town, but would turn into a huge snake and crawl through the town to its preferred destination.

The prophet also said things will begin to work well for Obuasi should the snake leave the town but a serious calamity will befall them should they kill the snake on sight.

The revelation, Today learnt, made it very difficult for many traders to go to the central business district (CBD) two weeks ago because they did not know where exactly the snake would appear.

Even though sources say the fear and panic had reduced, many people were still on the lookout for ‘that huge snake.’

A journalist at Obuasi-based Time FM, Kwabena Sikayena, who first broke the story, corroborated the story to this reporter.

According to Mr Sikayena, “it is scary knowing that you may bump into a certain huge snake at any moment.”

Even though he said the residents lived in heightened fear and panic two weeks ago when they broke the news, he said the fear had relatively reduced and people had mastered courage to go about their trading.

But as for residents in and around Sanso, a well-known illegal mining area, a fresh rumour of the snake appearing last Tuesday morning has heightened their panic.

A resident of the area, Barbara Anam told this reporter that the rumour, though unconfirmed, has made them very panicky and prayed for God’s protection.

“Apart from everything, what we even fear is when it appears and someone kills it with a gun, the prophet said we would be doomed should this happen,” she said frighteningly.

A junior high school (JHS) pupil also narrated how she had a dream and saw that the snake had actually appeared and biting people who did not have a certain mark on their foreheads.

Her narration showed how scary people had reacted to the revelation of the prophet to the extent that some were even having nightmares about it.

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