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Fashion designer explains the meaning of red carpet



Per her observation at the just-ended VGMA, Ghanaians especially do not understand what it means to be on the red carpet, hence their choice of clothes are always wrong.

She explained the term red carpet as a welcoming color for the ancient Greek gods.

In an interview with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes’ show, she said: “As time went by, painters started using red carpet in their paintings because they felt it signified royalty. So, the term red carpet is used to explain elegance and royalty hence, anyone who walks on any red carpet needs to look elegant and like royalty”.

She believes that anyone on any red carpet should look his or her best, and it should be evident from their head to their feet.

“You need to understand the red carpet when dressing, and also have to take into consideration the details of the dress you’re wearing because it is also very important,” she said.



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