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Farmer busted for impregnating biological daughter, having sex with in-law



A farmer believed to in mid late 40s has been busted by the Chiefs and elders of Twifu Amampoma in the Twifu Atti-Morkwaa District in the Central Region for impregnating his biological daughter and having sex with his mother in-law.

It has been established that the suspect has had sex with his daughter countless times and also slept with his mother in-law since his wife traveled.

Information gathered by Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan revealed that, the young girl who was pregnant for her father was struck with a strange disease which was becoming very difficult to cure.

So, the family went for prayers, and it was there that it was revealed that her father is the one responsible for the pregnancy and has also been having sex with his wife’s mother.

The Prophet who made the revelation is said to have stated that until the shameless man tells the truth, his daughter will never get well and will eventually die, and the curse will remain in the family.

The pastor subsequently called the man for questioning during which he confessed to engaging in the abominable act.

He was then reported to the Chief and elders of the Community who invited him.

He was then charged to buy a sheep, schnapps, eggs, fowls to fight against any calamity that may befall his family and the community.

The two guilty females had their hair shaved, and together with the man, paraded through the Principal Street of Twifu Amampoma for their despicable act amid hooting by the residents who followed them.

The Chief and elders subsequently sacrificed the sheep as atone for the sin and also poured libation to pacify the gods of the land over the abomination to stop any calamity that may be visited on the community.

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They advised the public to stay away from such acts as anyone found guilty in the future shall be banish from the community.

The case has also been reported to the Twifu Praso police Station for investigation.



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