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‘Everything, including the mangoes on the tree, belonged to you’ – Kufuor’s daughter’s tribute to her late mom



Detailing this in her tribute to her late mother, who died on October 1, 2023, Helen Saah, recalled the disciplinarian upbringing they were taken through, as well as the training they received on following rules.

She added that there was such a high demand on them (as children) to live within the rules of the house so much that they could not even go plucking mangoes on the tree without asking their mother.

“You were the perfect mother for me. My earliest memories of you were of a beautiful, gentle and kind woman who smiled often and would entertain guests at the house on Switchback Road.

“I saw a different side to you after the coup in 1972, when we lived in Kanda. You knelt and prayed often. You fasted, too. You were strict and had rules which we had to follow. One of the earliest rules was that we couldn’t claim ownership of things we found in the house or compound. Everything, including the mangoes on the tree, belonged to you, so we had to ask permission,” she wrote in her tribute, captured in the funeral brochure of the funeral of the late Theresa Kufuor.

Helen Saah also recalled her memories of cooking and learning other values of life with her mother, including how accommodating she was of people.

“You taught me how to cook and bake. I remember your homemade ice cream and the first time you baked bread. It didn’t go according to plan and the loaves looked like bricks. We laughed so much when Daddy gave the bricks a nickname: ‘Awudu Bomber.’ After that, you corrected the recipe and we had a constant supply of homemade bread. Christmas was an elaborate affair with a real tree, turkey and all the trimmings. As teenagers, you taught us to be punctual because you would drive off and leave latecomers behind.

“You had a big heart and you were a mother to not just your biological children but to people from all walks of life. There were three of us in Achimota School but I remember when 11 children arrived unannounced for their exeat. I was nervous but you welcomed them with smiles and hurriedly prepared lunch.

Our house was often filled with visiting relatives and friends. I remember when PK came for the holidays because he taught us Abronoma and we would run races holding sheets with the ends tied around our waists. We learned so much from Uncle Badu, Angie, Sister Ama and Sister Afia when they came to stay. I also got freebies such as kelewele from your ‘daughter’ Abena who sells food behind Association School and the one who sells roasted plantain near Mary Mother. You said it was important to give people moral support,” she added.

Theresa Kufuor died peacefully at home on Sunday, October 1, 2023. A state funeral in her honour was held at the forecourt of the State House in Accra on Thursday, November 16, 2023.



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