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‘Every three to four months I dey grow tall’

Sulemana Abdul Samed

In 2015, Sulemana Abdul Samed wake up from bed only to realize en tongue suddenly make big inside en mouth he no dey fit breath well.

After getting some medication from de drug store wey reduce de tongue, de young Senior High School graduate no expect say that incident go change en life completely.

From that time till date, Sulemana popularly known as Awuche grow tall catch 9.6 feet and he still dey grow.

“Every three or four months I grow tall. If you no see me in three or four months wey you see me in another month, you go see say I increase,” Awuche talk BBC Pidgin Favour Nunoo.

Awuche en height turn am into celebrity for en hometown, Gambaga as de young, old, women, powerful den everyone wey encounter am dey look up in shock.

“One time, one policeman talk me say I break en record with my height, sake of that he go take picture with me” he recount.

Politicians, military personnel, police all dey excited when dem meet Awuche who apart from being de tallest man, be very warm, gentle and approachable to everyone.

“My height make me famous” he talk BBC Pidgin during visit to en home for Gambaga.

According to Awuche, whenever he show up for events people dey wan come close to am and he dey like that well-well.

De attention he dey get no dey worry am as he dey give people wey request to take picture with am de chance to do so.

‘Doctors say I dey suffer from gigantism’

Awuche en height no be normal, he get medical condition dem dey call ‘gigantism.’

Dis dey make he dey grow tall more than de average person.

“Last I go BMC, one of de whites see me wey he say dis guy get gigantism” he talk.

“That be de disease wey dey make your bone grow tall. De Doctor last write me letter say… de sickness inside me he for operate am for my head inside.”

He explain say sometin dey en head inside wey dem for remove so say de growth go stop.

Until dem remove dis, de growth go fit continue wey be dis dey affect en health and quality of life.

Despite all dis, Awuche say he get plans to marry, take wife and have kids den see how en kids go look like.

He no dey feel bad about de extreme height he get, be believe say that be how Allah choose am give am.


“That be how Allah choose am give me, I be okay, I no get problem with de way God create me.”

Source: www.bbc.com

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