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Elmina chief boogies to ‘fa no fom’ song while standing in palanquin



However tempting it has seen for these chiefs, while riding in their elevated platforms, not many of them have been so moved by excitement as what you are about to read here.

In a video that GhanaWeb has chanced on, and which has been shared on social media, a chief, identified as the Paramount Chief of Elmina, Nana Kodwo Conduah VI, was captured dancing excitedly to a very trend song while in his palanquin.

The ‘Fa No Fom’ song, which was being loudly played as his palanquin went through the Elmina town, excited the chief so much that he decided to entertain his people with the display of some interesting hand moves.

In the brief video, the chief, after showcasing his dancing prowess, all the while still sitting, eventually rises to his feet – still in the palanquin, and bends all the way to allow him to wiggle his waist and enjoy the song even better.

The residents who had joined him in the town during what is believed to have been during the Bakatue Festival of the Elmina people are also heard cheering the chief on as he enjoyed his boogie time.



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