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Eight signs your partner loves you

A happy couple

In the previous article, we discussed some factors that produce a healthy relationship, now, we shall make known the signs that show the weight of love your partner has for you, the below discussed signs, makes you know if your heart is rightfully connected.

1. He/she apologizes for their wrongdoings

Apologies are not only needed in a relationship but, are expected to come from loved ones who have in one way or another offended themselves over a certain thing as an apology reconnects the victims to look as though nothing has happened in the past.

In a relationship, rights don’t really count. If your partner claims right often and often, it shows something is wrong and this importantly shows that you are the second choice in his or her romantic relationship life.

Therefore, apologies in a relationship simply mean, you both are interested only in the way forward than looking for who to tag guilty on. A partner who truly loves you would never love to see you sad, and this, makes a partner sometimes apologizes for nothing just to keep a happy relationship.

So, the intention of any partner who truly loves you is to be on good terms with you always. Because when a partner feels very comfortable, there would be no space for issues to set in. But, a partner who do not advocate for this can not be trusted with the love as heartbroken set in when there is no emotional compatibility.

2. He/she always reaches out to your family

Reaching out to the family of someone you love is one of the best gestures that confirms that the partner wants something real with you.

Most relationship that ends prematurely today, start from the streets, proceed to clubs, limited to the office, in the long run, end up on the same street. A relationship that keeps you away from the family members and not to be proud of; when a man is only interested in hanging out with you; when the lady only wants to be the one visiting you without introducing you to any of her family members; all these shows the interest of the relationship is based on something that will soon end.

Both families are to be properly informed with their supports. And someone that truly loves you, always seek to know how to find solution to your family problems; if any, and also seek to check the wellbeing of your family. And they accept every member of your family, with no selfish reasons.

3. He/she always include you in their plans

Is not only about being in love, not just enough having fun alone, it doesn’t end at introducing and checking each other’s family members; another important sign to know if your partner is truly into you, is to include you in both the daily and future plans.

Most people fail to examine this, though, it is very good to trust, but, it is more important to verify some actions. It won’t end well if your partner is not interested in knowing how you both will be in time to come. Some have big plans for their future, so, it is more appropriate to know if you are in there.

A relationship should not just be a blind date; take your time and estimate your worth in your partner’s life, and always make sure you carry one another along to avoid some unnecessary misunderstanding.

4. He/she is excited whenever they are with you

Spending time with someone you love is one of the amazing things that promote healthy and longer life.

On the other hand, some take it for granted. One of my favorite songs’ lyrics, “we could be anywhere in the world as long as you are with me ” (Tatiana Manaois; You mean to tell me). According to her lyrics, being with someone she loves was her desire, and she proceeded by staying with the person without any condition, not even the wrong location can change the rigid decision.

You must be very observant to know how your partner feels anytime around you; time spent with someone you really love, frees your mind and makes you feel ever saved. When two hearts are romantically connected, anytime together is the favorite, and when really in love; knowing how superb spending time with your partner is; you will ever want to create time more often as that gives you joy and peace of mind.

5. He/she commends your doings every time

A recommendation is needed for keeping humans active and more active on work done. The same is applicable in a relationship. So, another sign to know if your partner truly loves you; is encouragement; you will not hear any word that will throw you off balance; he or she acknowledges and appreciates all your efforts in the relationship and that would bring out the best in you.

And again, that keeps you going. It is also important to check out the nature of such appreciations and acknowledgments to know if there are really genuine so as to know how to do that in return as it keeps a good relationship.

6. He/she surprises you with gifts

Surprises are for good keep. Therefore, it is expected in a relationship. So, it is a sign of a good relationship to see your partner bringing gifts to you on all or some occasions. This shows that your partner derives joy in making you happy, because, gifts are symbols of love.

We offer gifts to someone we have in mind and most – special persons in our lives; we acknowledge them for being there for us and in recognition of their specialties in our lives. If your partner offers a gift often and often, it shows that he or she is always excited to be part of you. Sometimes, it might be a surprise visit, an unexpected outing, and so on.

However, the quality of the gifts and how they are being presented are all signs of the weight of the love. Some might not have the means to afford the most expensive gifts you desire, but, with their zeal and manner the little they could afford is presented, tells your place in their heart

7. He/she tries to understand you no matter what comes up

Understanding is also another sign to know if your partner truly loves you or not, because, when two hearts are rightly connected, plenty explanations are not needed. Anyone that loves you will ever find it easy to fit his or herself in your position to know the reason for your action. And when someone seems not so interested in you, everything seems abominable, and you get yelled at more often, forever, it wouldn’t be easy to manage such relationships.

Though, note that; A position your partner might occupy, shouldn’t give you reasons to bargain your happiness for treasures; as, when truly in love with someone, issues find it difficult to occur, and when it does, understanding helps settle it without external parties.

8. He/she loves to be with you always

On this; this is more than being with you for fun. When someone truly loves you, he or she gets scared having thought of losing you to someone else. If the love is genuine, your partner always feels unsafe without you around, and will never want to imagine the future without you; this is when it is hard to easily let go of the person you love the most, as all reasons to meet up with that don’t count enough, for it is more than dying to spend the rest of your life without the person.


In all, to avoid broken homes, broken societies, and broken nations, go for someone who is truly ready to give you the end time joy than short time pleasure. And to have better partners in life, try to ignore some signs while in the relationship, for that will help you today and forever.


Source: Yusuf Cornelius Otijenu

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