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Egyptian, Ghanaian symbols incorporated into new kit of top Danish club



The collaboration between the club and Nike has resulted in the incorporation of the Dwennimmen symbol from the Akan tradition, signifying humility.

While the Dwennimmen symbol takes center stage on the kit, FC Nordsjaelland’s cultural fusion doesn’t end there.

The jersey also pays homage to Danish and Egyptian heritage by thoughtfully integrating symbols from these cultures into the design.

Read the full statement from FC Nordsjaelland below:

The three symbols adorning the front and back of the jersey have been selected by children at the academies, representing our values and talent work across national borders.

???????? The first symbol, Dwennimmen, represents the word humility and has been chosen by our Ghanaian academy to symbolize the importance of remaining humble.

???????? The second symbol, Gebo, represents the word partnership and has been chosen by our Danish academy to symbolize our collaboration across the academies.

???????? The third and final symbol, Ankh, represents the word family and has been chosen by our Egyptian academy to symbolize that we are all one family.

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