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Efia Odo opens up about new image, daddy issues, Shatta Wale and past relationships



interview on the Yaa Somuah show, Efia Odo talked about her new music
career that has got many people talking She said: “I put all of my feelings
and emotions in my music.”

Fans should expect some juicy information in her songs because the
entertainer disclosed that her upcoming songs such as ‘Sika’ will detail
information on some of her past relationships.

During the interview, Efia Odo also reflected on her relationship with her
father. She opened up about how not having a father in her life made her
look for love in the wrong places.

She said, “I always wish I had a dad, I wish I had that father figure because I would have made better decisions growing up, I look at my young adulthood, my adolescent ages looking for love from a man because I wasn’t getting it. I would have made better decisions when it came to my choice of men.”

Efia Odo also opened up about the viral video of her and Shatta Wale, a
crazy experience after trying weed for the first time and more.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Yaa Somuah

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